Maua -CEO , Quality Control and inspector of chews . She’s never come across a toy that she cannot destroy…
For over 12 years Ragley has been the Director of Marketing and Cuddle Officer. He crossed over the rainbow bridge in November of 2024. He was the good-est of all good dogs, and we miss him every day.

When I was two I was diagnosed with a form of meningitis. I went through some different treatments and meds which caused some tummy issues, so my mom decided to start making some treats that would be easier on my stomach (as well as I think she hid some pills in them!). In October 2012 I said good bye to my mom and dad. Now I chase birds in the clouds, eat as many treats as I want, and no one complains about my gas.

I am and always will be the original Cheddar Dog.Guardian Angel Fez

My parents got me when I was only 6 weeks old and no one knew what I would grow up to be. Turns out I’m half donkey, half coyote, and half lap dog, and I turned out awesome! I’m now 9 and still have so much love to give! I love BACON! So my mom named the Pink Floyd after me! – Guardian Angel Floyd

At 8 months old I had already been with two families, I guess I was so good they just wanted to share! I’ve now been with the Cheddar Dogs family and have lived with them for over 4 years! They even named a burger after me! I like a little bit of everything so that’s what they put in Ralphie’s Fat Burger!Guardian Angel Ralphie

Some people call me a diva or a princess, but really I just have very a distinguished taste for most things in life.

I like to run things around here, if you don’t follow my way I will let you know. – Guardian Angel Pepper

My name is Rosco, I have a condition. It’s where everything in this world is really awesome and I can’t show everyone enough how grateful I am to be here. Every day is the best day of my life, everyone loves me. I also really like to read books with my mouth, I learn lots this way. – Guardian Angel Rosco