Egg hunts are for everyone! You’ll find some plastic eggs in this months Cookie of the Month! You can also pick up plastic eggs from local dollar stores or amazon!

Put a couple of small treats in each egg, let your pup watch so they see the eggs are valuable! Make your pup sit, and then place one egg across the room while they watch. Call your pup over and reward them as soon as they sniff, tough or swat the egg! Make it a big deal!

Do the same thing with another egg. Once you feel your pup recognizes the eggs as something exciting, go ahead and hide a few around the room! Tell them to ‘get it’ or ‘go’! And help them open each egg to retrieve the treat! Make it as simple or as difficult as you pup can handle!

Here is a couple more links for egg hunts and scent training!d

Egg Hunt

Scent Training

And just remember! Do NOT mix up chocolate in your pups eggs! Chocolate contains theobromine which is very toxic for dogs!

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