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Birthday Box Kit

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Happy Barkday Banner 60" in total length

Birthday Bandana 26" W x 18"H
Birthday Card
Personalized Birthday Salmon Bone: Salmon, unsweetened peanut butter, spelt, flax seed, tapioca
Ralphie Burger: Alberta beef, spinach, cheddar cheese, spelt, carob, sesame seeds, egg
Beer Cookie: Alberta Beef, Honey, turmeric, spelt, tapioca
Donut: Pumpkin, Maple syrup, Spelt ( icing: tapioca and coconut colour with spirulina, spinach, turmeric and beets)
Oh Poop! Peanut Butter, maple syrup, carob, tapioca, spel
Peanut Butter Pack (two paws and two bones) : Unsweetened Peanut butter, honey, carob, tapioca, spirulina, beets
Pumpkin Bites: Pumpkin, honey, cinnamon, brown rice
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